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Marriage agency

You will start dating and going on dates with decent people from the first days. You will find the other half, learn to build full-fledged, serious relationships and create a happy marriage.

You will be provided with a database of profiles with more than 37,000 serious men and charming decent women looking for normal relationships.

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Брачное агентство Сергея Казачинского

What awaits you in our agency

If you are between 18 and 60+, then you have come to the right place.

We will introduce you to a suitable partner or teach you how to get acquainted.

We work only individually. We have checked and we know for sure

that when dating, your:

— gender, age, appearance

— children, their number, parents, former loved ones

— status and financial situation

— character, preferences and other features

The main thing is to be able to present all this in a favorable light. This is what we will teach you, and also help you find someone who suits you perfectly.

Why we will help you

You will receive a free consultation, after which you will clearly understand the reason for your failures. We will make a good questionnaire and plan, as well as select the first candidate for you to meet.

After the first lesson with Sergey Kazachinsky, you will start dating and decide whether to develop a relationship with one of the applicants or continue searching for the second half further.

In the process, we will identify pitfalls and sharp corners, and then adjust the dating plan, personally for you.

We create strong, spiritual families. With the help of Sergey Kazachinsky, you will find yourself in a promising couple with a loved one or in a strong and happy marriage. Our technique works even for the most shy, picky and quarrelsome. We do not stop halfway and always bring the work to the result. It is in our power to find you a soulmate with whom you want to start a family.

Our achievements

Our own closed database of men and women who have passed a psychological check and we know for sure that they are aimed at dating for serious relationships and creating a family.

satisfied customers
happy families
children born in pairs created by us

Our advantages


You will regularly go on dates and learn how to get acquainted and build serious relationships. Everyone you will meet has passed a serious selection with a psychological check. Here you will not encounter gigolos, scammers, scammers and other dubious personalities.


We adjust to your schedule. We respect other people’s principles and do not impose anything. After cooperating with us, you will no longer have to contact marriage agencies and dating sites. We will teach you special skills to create long-term relationships and acquaintances with which you will never be alone again.


If you are afraid that someone will see you entering the doors of a marriage agency, you can meet outside the office (in a cafe, restaurant or other public place). Your partner will never know that you have applied to a marriage agency if you do not share this information yourself.

Let's get acquainted with Sergey Kazachinsky - or the history of the Higher School of Dating.

My name is Sergey Kazachinsky. The marriage agency, which I named as the «Higher School of Dating», I created on the basis of personal life experience.


Everything was going well in my life: I graduated from university, got a law degree and worked as a sales director in a large company.


The income was more than I could have dreamed of, but it did not bring happiness, I was lonely and no one needed me.


In 2003, my loneliness became unbearable. Rare acquaintances, unsuccessful relationships, the wrong women (so I thought then).


I couldn’t find my only one, and I didn’t agree with any of them.


Like you, no one taught me to look for my betrothed, but I was sure that there were books on how to create a happy family, there are matchmakers and other specialists who would help me.


But it turned out that there is nothing like this in Russia: generalized phrases everywhere, rare practical advice, Besides, there is a simple money-pulling from those who are desperate to find love and create a strong family and normal relationships.


I have found a formula for happy relationships and am creating strong spiritual families. To do this, you have to work a lot.


At the moment, I am replenishing our database of questionnaires with people who are really looking for love, marriage, family and respect true family values. I invite you to participate in our programs.

Сваха в Москве

A small part of the numerous reviews of our customers

Customer reviews

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Привет. Я уже расчитывал будет похоже на то как нас в ВДВ гоняли, пока одну спичку догонишь так притомишься. Казачинский Сергей СУППЕР МЕГА! третья программа просто порвала сознание. Я свободно знакомился с женщинами о которых раньше и нее мечтал. Очень Благодарен! ВСЕ БЫЛО СИЛЬНО!
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Длинное премиум сопровождение получилось в Высшей школе знакомств.))) Я познакомилась со своим молодым человеком через 4 месяца)), до этого я много работала и даже имидж 2 раза сменить успела. Если бы не Казачинский Сергей и его школа наверно я была бы все еще одна.
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После развода с мужем у меня долго не складывались личные отношения. Не могу сказать, что я не встречалась с мужчинами, просто как то не везло…. О Высшей школе знакомств Сергея Казачинского узнала случайно в разговоре с коллегами. Спасибо Инне. Теперь в моей жизни есть мужчина, с которым я счастлива.
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По «высшей школе знакомств» всё было просто замечательно, тяжело, но эффективно! Я был молодец бился до результата!!! Получил бесценный опыт коммуникации!!! Большое спасибо Сергею, профи и Мужик с большой буквы!! Также огромный респект Инне за консультацию, ВЫ МОЛОДЦЫ! Понравилось все!
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Добрый день! Меня зовут Ольга. Я знакомлюсь в высшей школе знакомств Сергея Казачинского, на Кузнецком мосту находится). Что тут скажешь – классные курсы, правда только половину обучения прошла, потом нужно было уехать по работе, сейчас вернулась продолжаю. Вспоминаю первые месяцы обучения и свиданий, понимаю, что
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Начну с того что я недавно в Высшей школе знакомств. Я прям прозрел! Сегодня второй месяц. Обратился в это брачное агентство, думал что сейчас мозг выносить будут… А не тут то было! После незначительного тренинга Казачинского С. результат начал просто шокировать)) СПАСИБО ЗА ПОМОЩЬ)!!!!! Я и не думал что смогу так знакомиться))

Stop waiting and hoping for a miracle, decide and act!

Finding a soul mate is much easier than it seems, you just need to search correctly.

And if you are already in a relationship, but have forgotten what the harmony of love is, then come to us!

We will help you FIND love.

Start living life to the fullest right now!



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